European Robin (Erithacus rubecula)


This morning this little beauty momentarily stopped right in front of our window in our yard. Four Great Tits were eating something from the branches of the tree and the Robin just suddenly appeared and then just as quickly left. The European Robin is an insectivore, so it wasn’t eating with the Tits.

It is called the Robin because of its beautiful reddish front patch. It is not related to the American Robin. It is an Old World Flycatcher while the American Robin is a thrush. The flycatchers which I am very familiar with as they dominate Latin America, use stealth and quickness to catch insects.

The European Robin will stay in Belgrade all year round and back in the 1800’s it was strongly associated with Christmas, appearing on many Christmas cards from that era.

I hope to hear and see more of the beautiful little bird. The name in Serb is Crvendać.


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