Common European Blackbird (Turdus merula)

A blackbird in our garden Magnolia tree (March 10, 2010)

We had an unusual mid-March snowstorm that may have driven this Blackbird into our yard.  I have seen the blackbird many times in the parks in Belgrade. It seems to stay in wooded areas more than open ground in the city. I spotted this bird in Haid Park in Senjak and in the park in Banjica. I took the photograph above from my porch in the early morning.

The Common European Blackbird resides in southern Europe the year round. As the name suggests, it is found all over Europe and is not endangered. It is not related to the North American blackbirds (orioles), but is a true thrush. They are hardy birds and can dig through 5-7 cm of snow to find invertebrates in the leaf litter. Above is the male, which is very distinctive in its black plumage and yellow bill. The female and juveniles are brown with spots on the breast.


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