Black-headed Gull (Larus ridibundus)

This is the 17th bird I have successfully identified here in Belgrade

A Black-headed Gull Perches on a Barge Support in the Sava River (Jan. 2010)

I see these gulls all the time when I run or bike along the Sava River in Belgrade. Gulls can be difficult to identify, especially when they are not in breeding plumage or juveniles. I purchased the Birds of Britain: The Identification Guide to Birds of Britain and Europe and this helped me identify this species. It is the most common bird near water in Serbia and that corresponds with the species description in the book. The birds pictured above and below are in their immature, non-breeding plumages. I haven’t seen the black-head yet, so I am not entirely sure on the identification of this particular species. They are also known as the laughing gull because of their “keer-ar” harsh call, so I’ll try to listen to that the next time I see them.

Another Black-headed Gull (August 2008)


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