Shaggy Parasol (Macrolepiota rhacodes)

Although it is not a plant or animal, I will make a section on my blog for mushrooms as I am interested in learning more about them. Thanks to the internet and flickr, a fellow user of flicker helped me identify this species of mushroom.

The Shaggy Parasol is edible, although some people have an allergic reaction to it needs to be cooked well or the toxins will not break down. Something I am not ready to tackle.

I photographed this species in mid-September in the Rajac region of central Serbia.


One thought on “Shaggy Parasol (Macrolepiota rhacodes)

  1. It seems there is a symilar mushroom called “(obična) sunčanica” or “prstenjača” (Macrolepiota procera), which is often eaten in my family. We prefer to have it lightly fried rather than stewed, and it has a delicious, honey-like smell and taste. We call it “sunčanica” which means “that which likes to sunbathe” (the same word could also mean “sunstroke”), or “prstenjača” (= “that with a ring”). I guess you already know that the Serbian word for “parasol” is “suncobran”.
    By the way, I am not very knowleadgeable about mushrooms – I just enjoy eating them – and I came across your sites looking for interesting texts about Serbia in English to which I could refer my students or colleagues – other English teachers in Serbia. I was fascinated with my search result.

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