European Fire-bellied Toad (Bombina bombina)

You can see why they are called Fire-bellied Toads

Last weekend we were hiking through the Fruska Gora National Park and in the puddles in the trail, we saw quite a few of these small toads. They were quite easy to catch and my son Owen was so excited to catch one! They are slightly noxious to humans, although we didn’t get any reaction from handling them. They have a typical toad dark back (see below) but underneath they are brightly colored. This is a warning to predators that they do not taste good. I was tempted to take some home as pets, as the oriental species of the genius are quite common pets. The toad is also not an endangered species.

The puddles were quite small and must dry up. I read that April and May are the breeding season and tadpoles are develop in July. They must move to bigger areas of water to lay the eggs. A nice species of toad and I’ll be looking for more of them in future walks.


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