Snow Drop (Galunthus sp.)

Snow Drop by bill kralovec
Snow Drop, a photo by bill kralovec on Flickr.

I visited the Kew Botanical Gardens of London in January and one of the featured flowers was the Snow Drop. The cool thing about this genus of 20 species or so, is that they flower extremely early in the northern latitudes. They often poke through snow to flower. Most of them flower before the vernal equinox of March 20/21.

I noticed a clump of them in my back yard last week. It was the end of the flowering period for them, so it is a bit withered. It was exciting to discover this flower after seeing so much about it at Kew.

I dug one of the bulbs up and replanted it in a pot on my balcony. I’ll know when it first flowers next winter.

The yard is also full of the primroses, and they probably peaked this week.


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