Pancic Spruce (Picea omorika)

Pancic Spruce by bill kralovec Pancic Spruce (Picea omorika)
Pancic Spruce, a photo by bill kralovec on Flickr.

I can’t confirm that this is a Serbian Spruce in its natural habitat, but it is a good guess. The Spruce is endemic to the Drina River Valley in the Tara National Park and surrounding areas. This may be the species because it is located at the right altitude, on the rocky cliffs, and the slender top looks like the spruce.

The Serbian Spruce was discovered by the famous Serbian Botanist, Josip Pančić. It is now only found in a few spots in the area and extremely rare in the wild. The Serbian Spruce was more widespread before the Pleistocene Ice Age. It is cultivated and planted as a decorative tree around the world. I would love to get some for the school campus.

The species name, omorika, is the Serbian word for the tree. All other spruces are known as smrča.


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