Rosalia Longicorn (Rosalia alpina)

I found this dead Rosalia Longicorn (or Rosalia Long-horned Beetle)  on the road on a walk today in the Fruska Gora National Park. It was near the Čortinovci Dunav train station, very close to the Danube River. The Rosalia Longicorn is found in central and eastern Europe and is a protected species due to dwindling numbers. The beetle’s camouflage allows it to hide on the bark of Beech trees, its preferred habitat. Long-horned beetles have antennae that are as long, or longer than its body. This specimen had an almost blue color antennae. The scientific species name, alpina, comes from the Swiss naturalist who named it first in 1703. He found a specimen in the Alps, hence the name, but they are found outside of the Alps as well.

Their numbers are in decline because the larvae prefer dead beech trees and branches, and often they are logged or cleared for firewood. Woodstacks are especially bad as females lay their eggs on them and then they are burned. It is such a beautiful beetle, I hope they can survive human’s impact.




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