Japanese White-eye (Zosterops japonicus)

I really do need to get a camera with a good zoom lens. The only time I can photograph birds is when I find dead specimens. My camera got lost in the move. Last weekend we went shopping at Nitori, an Ikea-like store here in Osaka. In front of the store, I saw two dead Japanese White-eyes on the ground, below a large window. I am assuming that both birds didn’t see the glass and died on impact. The White-eye makes monogamous couples, so hopefully they died together,  in love and oblivious to the impending death.

The White-eyes are a family of small, sociable birds found in Africa, Asia, and Australasia. Obviously named after their large white eye ring, the Japanese White-eye can be identified by its olive yellowish back, bright yellow throat patch and dark wings. They are very common all throughout Japan except the far north. The bird has been known to the Japanese for a long time and it is a common cage bird.


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