White Wagtail (Motacilla alba leucopsis)

My wife and I were jogging on Sunday morning when on our street we noticed this bird on the side of road. It was a white wagtail and it seemed to be injured because it would not fly away from us. It allowed me to take a photos with my phone. It eventually flew away, but it seemed to have difficulties in flying smoothly.

The white wagtail is one of the most successful birds in the world. It can be found from Greenland to Borneo, from west Africa to north east Siberia. Its success is based on its ability to thrive near human habitation. It prefers to hunt for prey on the edge of pavement or near water. Wagtails also nest in man made structures.

With such a big range, there are numerous subspecies. There is also a relative of white wagtail, the Japanese wagtail (Motacilla grandis). In the photo, this may be a juvenile of the species as it is not as dark as most wagtails. I think it is a white wagtail. Any Japanese bird experts out there to help me?

I really do need to get a new camera with a zoom lens. My nature photography has declined with the loss of my camera.


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