Eurasian Wigeon

The most common duck on Saturday February 28 at the artificial lake in the Kita Senri Park was the Eurasian Wigeon (Anas penelope). The flock numbered about 15-20 individuals. Above is the colorful male in the forefront and a female in the upper right corner.

Two identification keys in flight, the flash of white and green in the wings.

The eurasian wigeon has a large breeding range through Europe, Russia and Asia. It is a non-breeding resident of Japan so I will probably only see these birds in the winter. It is strikingly beautiful. They are a “dabbling duck” which is a subfamily of ducks that feeds mainly at the surface instead of diving. There are around 80 different species of dabbling ducks worldwide and three species of wigeon. I’ll see how long they stay in the area.


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