Large-billed Crow

I read where crows are one of the smartest birds. There is a lot of evidence here in my neighborhood of Onohara-nishi, a suburb of Osaka. The crows are reeking havoc on the garbage cans. The neighbors are using a variety of defenses to keep the crows out of eating garbage, including nets over the receptacles. I have been victimized a couple of times. I came home to a garden full of garbage and a bag torn open. I resorted to putting bricks on the covers and this has stopped them.

The large-billed crow (Corvus macrorhynchos)  is the most common crow in Asia and its range is from Pakistan to Indonesia up through China to Russia and Japan. It is also known as the jungle crow or heavy-billed crow. The Japan subspecies is quite large, and it looks more like a raven than a crow. They are a bit bigger even than the rooks of Serbia I used to see.

I am sure to have more stories and will take a closer look in my neighborhood to see how many are around and if they are nesting nearby. I photographed this one at the Kita Senri Park. It came over to the guy who was throwing bread to the ducks and pigeons. When it swooped in, several ducks flew away.


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