Eastern spot-billed duck

I photographed this Eastern spot-billed duck (Anas poecilorhyncha zonorhyncha) a small reservoir close to our house, near a big cemetery. The body of water is a isolated from major roads and every time I visit, I spot some waterfowl. The Eastern spot-billed is the northern sub-species of the spot-billed duck. The other two sub-species are found further south, and named after the countries of Burma and India. The Eastern spot-billed duck differs from the other two by darker plumage and a lack of red spots at the base of its bill. The distinguishing characteristics are the yell0w-tipped black bill and a green speculum (wing spot only visible in flight).

They are migratory, wintering in southeast Asia. I spotted a male/female pair on the little pond on March 8, 2015. I will track the times of year I spot this species. Like the mallard, they can become tame around humans, like the video on the wikipedia page of the species. In Japanese it is known as the karu gamo (light weight duck).





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