Birding in the Most Densely Populated Nation in the World

Red-cheeked bulbul

In my trip to the nation of Macau in mid-March, I managed to do a bit of birding. Macau, still a nation until 2049, is technically, the most densely populated nation in the world. Its over 600,000 inhabitants are squeezed into only 29 square kilometers (11 square miles) of land. I was staying at a hotel in one of the hill parks on the peninsula part of Macau. The park was an oasis of  green and relatively quiet, in a sea of ugly apartment buildings, streets, scooters, and noise.

A group of 4 red-whiskered bulbuls entertained me daily at sunset (top photo). They were quite noisy and moving between the trees on the hotel’s garden property. This was my second species of bulbul, a group I am getting to know as I live in Asia longer. The brown-cheeked bulbul is one of the most common birds in Osaka. I also identified and photographed a female, Oriental magpie-robin (above) and a Crested Myna (below). Both the magpie-robin and mynas were foraging for insects and fruits on the grounds of the hotel. The magpie-robin in particular, stayed close to the ground.

All of these species obviously need to do well in urban areas. It does show you how resilient nature is and despite the crowded human conditions and pollution, nature still existed. Macau is located on the south east coast of China and is quite tropical, so it was interesting for me to see some species I can’t see in my temperate current home of Osaka.



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