Great Cormorant

I photographed this Giant Cormorant (Palacrocorax carbo) on a quiet irrigation resorvoir near our home. It was on the same bike ride that I spotted the red fox (see post below). I see cormorants quite a bit on ponds all around Minoh. They are usually diving and are spotted when coming up for air or as this one, quietly sitting near the water drying out their wings. The approach was perfect because of the large bushes, and I could get pretty close without scaring it away.

The great cormorant has a large distribution, found being found in eastern North America, southern Africa, India and China, Australia and Europe. It is strange on the range map of the IUCN red list, the great cormorant is not supposed to be found in the Osaka prefecture. We are on the edge of the Osaka metropolitan area, but on the map it is clearly not supposed to be here. It is found south and north of here. I see them all the time.

With the light ducking behind a cloud and being directly in front of me, I managed this artistic shot of the cormorant. It really captures the quiet of a pond at sunset and the sleek majesty of the silhouette of the Great Cormorant.


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