Two Turtle Doves


It is after Christmas, but we have two turtle doves nesting in a tree in our yard. We first saw them in late November. There was a single white egg (see below) in the nest, but a week later, the egg was gone as well as the birds. Today we noticed a male and female at the nest again! I am not sure there is an egg, and we will check when the nest is empty. My guess is the thick-billed crows in the neighborhood got to it.

Yards in Japan are much smaller than in the USA, so the tree is about meter away from the wall of our house. We have a large window in our living room that opens up on the tree. The birds are literally just outside the window. We have a light curtain over it and the kids’ computer, near it so they spend a lot of time there.


(The egg in the nest taken in November 2015)

I first identified the oriental turtle dove in April of last year. They are common in the city.

We hope they are successful this time and it will be a wonderful experience for our family to observe wildlife so closely. It is almost like a live bird cam but just outside our window! I’ll be giving updates on their progress and what we learn.







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