Winter Birds – Port of Kobe


I rode my bike down to Kobe to watch Owen’s soccer game today. On my way back I stopped at this canal area and photographed some of the birds in the area. I am not sure what species of gull is shown above. I did notice some red feet on some of them, so I am guessing they are non-breeding plumage black-headed gulls (Chroicocephalus ridibundus) which do not have a black head out of breeding season.


There were several Eurasian Wigeons (Anas penelope) present also. They are a common winter resident in Japan and breed in northern China and Russia in the summer. Strikingly beautiful with the light blue bill and bright chestnut head.

The bay of Osaka is quite industrial and it is a bit of a shame for wildlife. As you can see in the photo I snapped from one of the bridges going across to the artificial Rokko Island, not much wilderness is left. The white arched bridge is the Rokko Island bridge. The mainland is on the left.





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