Turtle Doves Abandon the Nest


Tragedy struck the nesting Oriental Turtle Doves in our garden. On Thursday evening we noticed the mother bird missing from the nest. On Friday morning I went out to investigate and found on egg on the ground (photo above) and one egg still in the nest (below)


We are not sure why this happened and why the mother left the other egg untended. We waited to see if she was going to come back, but on late Friday afternoon with no sign of her, I took the egg into the school’s science lab to put it in the incubator to see if it would hatch. They must have been close to being ready to hatch. The cracked egg has a formed bird in it. I don’t know how long the gestation period is, but I would guess around a month. It had been about 3 weeks since we first notice the eggs in the nest.

This is the second time the nest failed. In November they had also tried, but one day we found the nest empty and the egg missing. I guessed crows or cats? I also wonder about giving birth in the middle of winter. There must be plenty of food around for them if they don’t migrate and can have nests.

I’ll keep you informed if they come back and if the egg hatches.








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