Final January Birding Observations


Since I enjoyed my ride so much on Saturday, I decided to take another ride on Sunday morning along the river. The sun was out today and I photographed several new species to add to my bird list. Above is a blue rockthrush (Monticola solitarius). This is a year round resident of Japan with a wide spread world range. It is the national bird of Malta.


This little egret (Egretta garzetta) was moving around rocks with its bill to stir prey and walking elegantly in the middle of the stream. I wanted to capture its yellow feet which contrast with the black legs.


The great egret (Egretta alba) summers in Korea, China and into Siberia, but some winter in southern Honshu. This big bird was definitely not afraid of me while I photographed it. Interesting that its bill is yellow in the winter and turns grey/black in the breeding season.

I also photographed a juvenile common gallinule and an Eurasian jay. Along my bike ride I saw many pairs of spot-billed ducks, green-winged teals, and common pochards. The two mornings of birding took my total number of species to 24!









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