Hiking on Guam


I have not seen many birds in Guam so far so I was pleasantly surprised to photograph the Grey-tailed tattler (Tringa brevipes) upon reaching the beach at Sellas Bay. The tattler has a enormous migration route, breeding in northern siberia and spending the winter throughout south east Asia and the Pacific, including, obviously, Guam. It was on the rocks above tidal pools in the bay. Many of the native birds were wiped out due to the accidental introduction of the brown tree snake.


On the upper reaches of the trail near the highway, there were many Bamboo Orchids (Arundina graminifolia) in bloom. The flower is classic orchid, but it was long, thin, weedy growth habit, which is unusual for orchids.


A pandanus tree in front of a casuarina tree. 

Guam is 13 degrees north of the equator and has a typical tropical climate. The two most common trees on the hike were a Pandanus species and Casuarina trees. My daughter Ocean noticed that the pandanus fruit looks like a pineapple, as she exclaimed, “look at the pineapple tree!” It is a very distinctive tree with its aerial prop roots, large fruit and palm-like leaves, although they are not related to palms.



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