The Coral Reefs of Guam


My children and I spent the entire day on the reef in front of our rental home near Merizo, a small town on the far southern end of the island. We are becoming experts on sea cucumbers as the rubble mixed with live coral and tidal pools are full of them.


We saw two Lion’s Paw Sea Cucumbers (Euapta godeffroyi) today. They are long and look like snakes, except for the tentacles at the front end. They do not feel very substantive when touch, almost like a thin noodle.


This unidentified sea cucumber resembles a leopard sea cucumber, but does not have the yellow to orange patches. It might be in the same genus, Bohadschia. There were also hundreds of snakefish sea cucumbers, lodged under rocks but reaching out and feeding.


Snakefish sea cucumbers feeding 

Fish were quite abundant, but I am lacking an underwater camera. Saltwater coral fishes have an amazing array of colors and shapes. We identified flasher scorpionfish, three-spot wrasse and moorish idol. 

I am so impressed with the biodiversity of the reef in the Pacific. We probably saw over 100 different species of organisms in a very small area.




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