Narcissus Flycatcher


I was in thick forest and couldn’t get my camera to focus on this beautiful male Narcissus Flycatcher (Ficedula narcissina). Summer has arrived here in Japan as this highly migratory bird announces the arrival of warm weather. It winters all over southeast Asia, including the Philippines.

It has a beautiful call, unlike the New World Flycatchers, which despite the name, are not related to the Old World Flycatchers. It was the call that led me off the bicycle path in the forested hills below Saito-Nishi in the Minoh national park. A pair of narcissus flycatchers were singing back and forth to each other and I got off my bike and made my way through the woods until it came into my view. They eventually flew away as I was making noise breaking branches and rustling leaves. It is a common summer resident of forested areas from Kyushu to the far north of Japan, into Siberia.


I also noticed several of this unidentified tree in flower. With the sunlight and blue skies, they were striking.


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