Birding in the Minoh Quasi National Park


I got a better photo of the elusive Narcissus Flycatcher on my bike ride yesterday. Taking Robert Frost’s advice and riding the path less traveled, I spotted this male flycatcher in the underbrush on a narrow road between villages on the steep slopes of the Minoh Quasi National Park. It appears to be coming into its full breeding plumage and the distinctive brilliant orange throat patch. Both times I’ve encountered this species, it has been in thick forest.


Japanese Grey Thrush

I could not get a clear photo of thisĀ Japanese Grey Thrush (Turdus cardis). Part of the problem was my glasses were fogged and I was on my bicycle. This was the first time seeing this species, so I included the photo here. It has an interesting distribution, summer breeding in Japan and central China. I wonder why it is not found in Korea, Taiwan or other areas similar to Japan?


I hope to get out quite a bit more this summer and share my nature observations.