Starry Sky Beetle


Nadia’s kindergarten students have been catching these Asian long-horned beetles (Anoplophora glabripennison our school’s playground recently. We have a terrarium in the school and since beetles are popular pets in Japan, it is easy to find beetle food (left of the beetle in the photo) Nadia is keeping three of them. The class is studying living things and so it is so it is great for the kids to have living things in school.

They are an invasive species in the US where the larvae kill many trees. They do not do so much damage here in East Asia, its native range, as there must be natural predators, which are lacking in the USA and Europe.

It is a big beetle and very beautiful. I like it’s other name, the starry sky beetle. It does look like stars shining in the dark night sky. It also has a gorgeous blue coloring on its appendages.