Momoyama (Mountain Peach)


The latest fruit in season is known in Japanese as the Yamamomo (Myrica rubra) which is also known as the Japanese Bayberry. It is native to east Asia and has been cultivated for thousands of years alongside the Yangtze River in China. They are a common urban tree in Japan and we see the fallen fruit on the sidewalks and bike lanes throughout our neighborhood. We also see it in stores for sale. The fruit is sweet and tangy at the same time and reminds me of the “gooseberries” I used to eat as a child. These have one large seed in the middle. Yamamomo literally means in Japanese, yama – wild, mountain momo – peach. “Momo” is the best word I’ve heard for peach in any language.


Above is the tree hanging over the street in a house near the school. Nadia loves eating them and we are enjoying them while they are in season, during the hot, humid and rainy summer of Japan.